Pukulan is considered by many as one of the toughest indonesian fighting arts. Even if it is commonly included in Pencak Silat styles, it's players prefer to look upon Pukulan as an art itself:

Pukulan is Pukulan

Pukulan, in its different facets, is Sundanese (West-Java), the art of Pak Flohr originates from a previous generation of teachers who brought it from West Java to Soerabaya (East Java). There Pak Flohr was introduced to Pukulan at the age of 17 by Pak M.A. Hussein.

Pukulan was often played by the ‘Indo’s’ (half Indonesian, half western European), who were hated by the Indonesian locals, used by the Dutch suppressors and by that forced to find ways of defending themselves.

Some Pencak Silat styles often use the name ‘Pukulan’ as addition to their style name, because they also have various types and combinations of hitting in their style. Whilst other pencak silat practitioners proclaim they play Pukulan. In this way they try to gain the popularity and reputation of Pukulan, whilst others just use it because of lack of knowledge. This gives room to confusion. We have to separate the ones who just use the term Pukulan from the ones who play the ‘art of Pukulan’.

Pukulan is played in an old-fashioned type of way, constant, relentless, hidden to the public and the crowd. It’s players train at home, in the living room, in the garden or on small attics.

Far away from outsiders, train a few people who were chosen a their students or training partners. They don’t like fame in magazines, don’t train in big groups, and seek no glory in Martial Arts. Often the knowledge of Pukulan was only passed on to family and friends, never to be shown to the outside world.

First and foremost…..Pukulan is not a way to make money.

Pukulan is not a sport, a hobby, or something to do in the extra time in a gym. Pukulan is way of life. Not made, to use in competition fighting. It has no rules with the exception of Adat: rules of behavior amongst it’s players.

The training in Pukulan is not for the faint-hearted: harsh and realistic. It’s players live Pukulan, breathe Pukulan, eat Pukulan. First comes Pukulan, next Pukulan, and then the rest. One of it’s expressions is:

You don’t choose pukulan, pukulan chooses you.

Change in style

This pukulan style of Pa Flohr is no longer trained in public, however we do train at a public school Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara. Click here for more info