Graduations pukulan

Since the past there was no grading/ranking within the Pukulan of Pak Flohr like he was taught from his teacher Bp. M.A. Hussin. What did happen is that the student was tested at the end or at a certain level of his training program.

This test was never announced in advance. It might happen that the student had to run an errant for the teacher in another village. During the errant he was then being attacked multiple times by strangers. This was all pre-arranged by the teacher, without the student knowing it would happen. The attacks where not thought lightly of.

Many old students of Pak Flohr will remember the story about his test and its success. After this Pak Flohr was allowed to teach beginning students under the supervision of Bp. M.A. Hussin.

These types of tests would not be feasible anymore in our modern world, although these tests were still being conducted in Holland until the late 1970’s by several well-known teachers.

After the creation of the first Pencak Silat union in the mid 1970’s, the former BPSI (Union of Pencak Silat Indonesia) has the goal to unite different styles of Pencak Silat in Holland. All styles who joined the BPSI had to use a graduation system so that (sparring) matches could be organized to allow students from similar level to compete with each other.

In the former school of H.J. van den Broek (Pukulan Pecutan), the graduation system was used, conforming to the rules of the BPSI. The norms for these gradings and the titles were determined for each style or group independently.
Presently after the changing of our style name from Pukulan Pecutan to Pukulan Pak Flohr Cabang Serak, we believe that the re-introduction of grading within the groups of our school is a necessity. Partly because we have various training groups spread throughout several countries, we feel the need to grade students to create unity and clarity in style and in some cases to motivate the students.

Sadly it is becoming more prevalent that people have hardly trained or are just trained ‘to talk big’, but their skill and/or knowledge was never tested or acknowledged. By re-introducing graduations we try to prevent this problem.
However within the various training groups of Pukulan Pak Flohr Cabang Serak, the graduation will never exceed ‘Pelatih’ (instructor), because it doesn’t fit in the philosophy of Pukulan to carry a title of ‘Guru’ or even higher.