The name change

Note: as of 2012 this school is no longer active publicly. However, the pukulan as art form with very similar knowledge, principles and form is being practiced in the art of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara (


Over the past 10 years the training groups carried the name Pukulan Pecutan. The reason behind this was we wanted to maintain the old style name as was awarded by Pak Flohr to H.J. van den Broek, together with the ‘old’ style forms and techniques that were part of Pukulan Pecutan. This ‘old style’ of Pukulan Pecutan with it’s curriculum was discontiuned after the relocation of Hans van den Broek to the north of the country.

The name Pukulan Pecutan was used with the permission of H.J. van den Broek, who restarted training Pukulan Pecutan with a select number of people since the beginning of 2000.

Mainly because of differing views, interests and training backgrounds the style of H.J. van den Broek and W. van den Broeke have separated in such a way that we decided in mid 2010 to change the name of our school.

This name change is also partly due to the contacts made after the passing of Pak Flohr, and the quest for a style which is largely comparable with the style of  Pak Flohr, which turned out to be the style Serak from the family De Vries.

There were some suspicions, about the origins of the style of Pak Flohr. They were confirmed by a research in the late nineties of the previous century, on the backgrounds and origins of the style of Pak Flohr, conducted by Pak Nelson. After this, we decided, with approval of uncle Dolf de Vries to change the name of the style to:

Pukulan Pak Flohr Cabang Serak

With this permission of uncle Dolf de Vries, the club Pukulan Pak Flohr Cabang Serak is also added as one of the members in the 'stichting Pak Serak' under the guidance of uncle Dolf de Vries.


Our new logo

Our new logo is partly designed by one of the close students of uncle Dolf de Vries.


The colors:

  • Red symbolizes Pukulan
  • Green symbolizes the Permainan (to 'play' with your opponent), giving him a chance)
  • Black symbolizes the Spiritual part
  • Red and white symbolize the flag of Indonesia.


Two Cabangs:

Cabang means ‘branch’ or 'offshoot'. Our style is partly a branch of the Serak style.


The name:

'CLUB PUKULAN PAK FLOHR' is added to continue the heritage of the name Pak Flohr for a later generation, as hormat to his knowledge, skill, and the teacher and father figure he was for many of his students.

‘CABANG SERAK’ refers to the historical connection (known for insiders) we have with SERAK. These ties have been restored after the passing of Pak Flohr.


The addition ‘CABANG SERAK’ is used with approval of,


Uncle Dolf de Vries

Stichting Pukulan Pak Serak
Styleleader:   Pukulan Pak Serak
Member:   Dewan Sesepuh
(board of elders)
Chairman:   Supervisory board 
Stichting Pak Serak (Foundation)

Uncle Dolf de Vries

Mamang Dolf de VriesPukulan Serak