Pak Flohr

Bapak W. L. Flohr was born on March 24 of 1923 in Kertosono, East-Java, Indonesia and passed away on February 19 of 1998, in Breda, Holland.

Many knew him as "paatje".

Hospitable, careful, grant and utmost respectful to everyone, and a father figure for all of his students.  He brought a Pukulan style to Holland from the former Dutch East Indies.

More striking were his technical qualities.His powerful whip-like movements, his heavy blows, his hard shins, his short distance combinations, practical solutions and an unequalled application of the langka. This all  made him earn the respect from all who knew him.

With him, Pencak Silat in Holland reached its highest level.

During the years he held many official titles:

  • Technical Commissioner B. P. S. I
  • Technical Director I. P. S. F. "Pakubuwana"
  • Technical counsellor N. P. S. B.
  • Head Technical Counsellor (Ju Jitsu and Karate)
  • Technical counsellor World Ju Jitsu Federation Holland.
  • Golden Medal of honour, to the order of oranje nassau.


Always ready to share his knowledge with others - without ever asking any money and simply for passion - many Dutch Martial Artists had the luck to study under him.
Through his knowledge and skill he became not only well known in the Pencak Silat world, he was also respected by karateka, thai/kick boxers, kungfu practitioners, boxers etc.