Who we are...

We practice with a very limited number of people the Pukulan in the line of Pak Flohr.

Previously under the name Pukulan Pecutan, but currently we have the name Pukulan Pak Flohr Cabang Serak.

The choice to keep the groups relatively small in size is a deliberate one. This to assure the quality of Pukulan and to maintain the exchange of knowledge on a high level.

There are three groups of ‘players’;  in Breda, the Netherlands and in Italy in Milan and San Salvo.

Currently the groups are no longer training publicly. So requests for joining the training groups will not be honoured.

The responsible persons for the various groups are:


R. Hartman:  Breda Send mail ronald@pukulan-pakflohr.com
S. Chiapella:  Milan Send mail stefano@pukulan-pakflohr.com
O. Tramonte:  San Salvo  Send mail ottavio@pukulan-pakflohr.com